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Guide to Anti-Racism Topics​

Anti-racism course – What topics does Abi cover?​

  • Understanding the Black Lives Matter movement​

  • Understanding white privilege and white supremacy in the context of race.​

  • Learn more about racism both the covert and overt, including microaggressions and racial gaslighting

  • What is white fragility and white saviourism?​

  • Cultural Appropriation and it’s role in systemic racism.​

  • Language, education and knowledge to feel empowered and confident to tackle uncomfortable conversations.​

  • Allyship and self awareness – how to use your privilege to effect positive change.​

Moderating an Open Discussion around Race, Equality and Belonging​
  • Abi will work with you to plan, prepare and brief your senior leadership before facilitating an open and honest 2-hour conversation with your entire workforce around diversity and inclusion, starting with anti-racism.

  • Employees will hear your top line views and plans on anti-racism and how to be the ultimate ally. Employees will be able to post and ask questions that spark vital and empowering conversations.​

  • Break out discussion: Employees will be able to break out in smaller groups and discuss some of the topics in more detail and then we all reconnect and share our discussion points.​

  • Key objectives: This is a great way to have transparent conversations in creating culture change and driving the anti-racism and D&I agenda. This includes some  prep sessions with the HR and leadership team to prepare​

Focus Groups and Stakeholder 

In the context of the events of 2020, the adverse impact of Covid-19 on the Black community and the aftermath of the tragic death of George Floyd in which there has been intense focus on the systemic racism experienced by Black people and how allyship will be pivotal in challenging racism in the workplace. ​

Focus Groups: In this safe space, Abi will ask specific questions about the organisation and invite employees to share their lived experiences inside the company as well as other challenges that has played a factor in them not being able to bring their authentic selves to work.​

Abi will ask question around all aspects of D&I in your organisation and where the attendees think the challenges are and what changes they would like to see happen.​

Abi also does Focus Groups solely for Leadership Teams and Board members.​

Stakeholder Interviews: We know changes can only happen from the top down. Here, Abi will have honest conversations with Stakeholders about what their stance on institutional racism is and listen to what process they think should be put into the business so help build equality and belonging for all.​

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