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My Values

Abi's Statement

I believe everyone has a right to move around in society in their true authentic form and this should be no different in the workplace. Recent years has seen tragic events unfold around the world and with the global rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, many organisations are putting out statements to affirm their support of the Black community and the adversities they face.


I have faith that the majority of us are striving to be on the right side of history when it comes to living in a world where we are not judged by the colour of our skin, our socio-economic background or whether we identify with a specific gender or not.

We shouldn’t have to wear masks and hide our identities out of fear that we will not be treated in an equal manner we are worthy of.


Whilst I am humbled that you want to work with me - honesty, empathy, patience and kindness are at the heart of my values. Working with me on your D&I, anti-racism and inclusive hiring commitments means you will allow me and my team to deliver the work we do with you with these values at the core.


If you’re looking for a consultant who’s going to do the paso doble around fragility, inequality and biases, then I am not the right consultant for you.

However, if you’re truly seeking to learn how to build an inclusive organisation where ALL can belong, then I will honestly, patiently and kindly help you on your journey.


No one should feel invisible in their workplace and to be inclusive means to see, accept and respect people as the individuals they are. It means setting people up for success and building a culture where everyone can be a veracious version of themselves. Whether you belong to an underappreciated group or not - equality, equity and respect is a right we all deserve and that’s my North Star.


If you agree with all that I’ve said, then sincerely I look forward to working with you.


Abi Adamson❤️

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